Auras: Exploring the Human Atmosphere

runtime: 30m

Season Premiere of Ghosts Girls Paranormal with hosts Theresa Whaley and Jennifer Bieganowski as they delve into the topic of auras.

Ghost Girls Paranormal Meet Jen Bieganowski and Theresa Whaley: make up artists by day and paranormal investigators by night. Hailing from the suburbs of Detroit, these girls have made it their mission to look between the lines of the supernatural world and find the beauty in all things paranormal. Their curiosity and unconventional perspectives have led them to the realization that such phenomena go beyond haunted houses and cemeteries, seeping into every aspect of our lives. It’s in the food we eat. It’s in the make up we wear. It’s in the very air we breathe. As both make up artists and health & beauty experts, Jen and Theresa break the boundaries of traditional ghost hunters, pulling back the curtain and revealing the metaphysical realm in everyday things. They take this even further by showing how it can be applied to everyday life. Whether they are providing health tips to ward of negative energy or finding that perfect color palette to match your aura, Ghost Girls Paranormal is here to shine a new light on the spirit realm. Join them as they guide you on a path filled with enchantment, aesthetics and natural beauty. Look great. Be fearless.