Female Werewolf



runtime: 1h, 6m

Lost in a fever of sexual delirium, a mentally unstable woman believes she may be turning into a monster. A moody, sensual and surreal psychological thriller. [available Worldwide]

“The film is done as a very surreal arthouse. Featuring only 3 characters, no dialogue, and some serious trippy sequences, I can honestly say that this is definitely now on my list for must watch films. Female Werewolf is not entertainment so much as it is a work of beauty and art. Despite the sexually-charged plot, this is not smut in any regard. All shots are done tastefully, with no more skin than is needed to advance the plot.What you will see is a fair amount of blood, however, as this woman slowly spirals and her illness externalizes. If you enjoy films like Phil Steven’s Flowers this is one you will definitely have to check out.” The Blood Shed

“Chris Alexander’s Female Werewolf is an interesting hybrid of experimental and avantgarde, shot on iPhones in a bleak Canadian landscape. Beautifully composed frames and use of colors that pop onscreen in a slow burn…it reminds me of Cronenberg’s Shivers without the whacked-out creature that crawls in people’s mouths, but instead he creates a mood with a wonderfully eerie score and no dialogue to set the mood. Alexander picks it up where Cronenberg left off. Female Werewolf plays with your head…” – Jackie Kong (director of: The Being, Blood Diner, Night Patrol).