Christmas Blood



runtime: 1h, 45m

A serial killer has been haunting Norway every Christmas eve for 13 years, and this year he has set his eyes on the north of Norway. Detective Rasch and Hansen are determined to catch the killer before he strikes again, but with Christmas just around the corner, the two detectives are racing against time. Obviously, a group of friends have decided to spend Christmas in the north of Norway oblivious to the bloody danger.

“A fun, psychological, slasher movie that doesn’t shy away from its nostalgic roots whilst still delivering the sucker punch that fans of the subgenre will love...And there are plenty of gruesome kills to satiate fans of the slasher genre.” – Saul Muerte, The Surgeons of Horror

Christmas Blood is shot in typical Scandi noir style, with the bleak muted palette we have come to expect from the likes of The Bridge or Wallander with the addition of an awful lot of blood and guts. There are jump scares a plenty as the savage Santa goes about his gruesome business and plenty of the requisite running around and whimpering as well as few typically grim Scandinavian gags. –HorrorHothouseReview