VIDI SPACE was founded by Elizabeth Saint (Ghosts of Shepherdstown), Nick Groff (Paranormal Lockdown, Ghost Adventures, and Ghosts of Shepherdstown), and Justin Narragon (Paranormal Lockdown) offering both subscription and a la carte options. Live premieres of new content are streamed each week during set announced times where you can chat with others during the showing at vidi.live. VIDI SPACE apps are also available for iOS, Android, Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

Where do I watch the live premieres of new content?

A popular feature on VIDI SPACE has been the live streamed premieres of new content that allows customers to watch and interact through an integrated social chat. On the scheduled date and time of the event you can head over to https://www.vidi.live.

Is there a commitment or initial charge?

There are no commitments or initial charges made. You can start your 15 day free trial by setting up an account and selecting which subscription you want to purchase. You will be prompted to enter your credit card, but no charge will be made to your account until the end of the trial period. Make sure you have a supported device and a high-speed internet connection.

How much does VIDI SPACE cost a month?

$9.99 /month and 89.99 /year. Both plans offer a 15 day trial period.

Is this only available through the computer?

VIDI SPACE apps are also available for iOS, Android, Roku and Amazon Fire TV. Most mobile devices and tablets also have the ability to stream the content. Please check out our device compatibility matrix for further validation. 

Can I change my card on file?

Yes, you can actually change your card on file for your account here: https://vidi.space/profile

If I see a VIDI SPACE logo in place of where a video should be, what does that mean?

If you see this image it means that the film or episode has not aired yet and is scheduled to debut soon. Check out the programming schedule to see when the title might be playing if it isn’t listed on the title page.


How do I get ahold of customer service or tech support?

You can email info@vidi.space. You’ll also find helpful information on our Contact page if you are having device or connection issues.

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